Heron River
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Fiber-optic technology is your solution for communication now and in the future.
At Heron River you get FIBER OPTIC INTERNET SERVICE at NO additional cost to you.
Your Internet service is included in your quarterly HOA fees.
This is just  one of the many details  that make our community a wise investment.

Fiber Optics in Heron River are provided by Silver Star Telecom. 
For information on Silver Star, visit them online at silverstar.com
or call them at 877-883-2411

Fiber-optic technology is your solution for communication now and in the future.

Communicate at the speed of light. Literally. Navigate through the Internet as rapidly as you can click your mouse. Download documents, video clips, mp3’s and programs in a fraction of the time. Have access to video-conferencing, data sharing or even check your phone messages remotely via the Internet. We’re talking possible speeds of up to 30 Mbps. Compare that with cable and DSL which have a maximum possible speed of 5 Mbps. With fiber-optic technology you have the ability to receive the fastest Internet speed and phone service available. With fiber-optic speed your only limitation is you.

Fiber-optic technology allows you to “future-proof” your investment. Because fiber-optic technology cannot be outmoded (like telephone lines have become) the future possibilities are endless. Unlike cable and DSL connections, the bandwidth and flexibility with fiber optics will allow you to keep up with unforeseeable technological developments. The benefits and features available through a fiber-optic connection are endless.

Save money. With costs far lower than local competitors, such as Cable One and Qwest, you can easily transfer your monthly savings into the investment you are making in your home. Spend this hard-earned money on adding upgrades when purchasing your new home, such as granite countertops or hardwood floors, or simply buy the bigger house.

Members only club. Fiber-optic technology is only available in neighborhoods whose developers have had the foresight to line their community with this technology. When you purchase a home that offers this amenity you are adding to your resale value as an elite member of the fiber-optic community.

When you consider all you can do with the money you would be saving, all while receiving the best possible Internet and phone service, it is easy to see why choosing to live in a fiber-optic neighborhood is such a wise investment.

Chose to live in a neighborhood that embraces the future. Chose to live in an exclusive fiber-optic community.

What are neighbors in a fiber-optic community like yours saying?

“Fiber-Optic technology is the fastest and most reliable connection I’ve ever had.” –Jamie Oneida

“Fiber-Optics has redefined the term “high speed.” Now I look at cable and DSL the way I used to look at dial-up.” –Dave Jones

“Our Fiber Optic service saves me more than $300 per year.” –Ken Harsin

Visit your community specialist for more information