Heron River
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The Lake and Ponds

A series of ponds throughout the community will accentuate the natural aesthetic of Heron River. The ponds will provide both open space and a visual amenity for many of the neighborhoods in the Heron River community. These many ponds will be in addition to the fourteen acre lake at the south side of the property. These ponds and the lake are man-made amenities designed for the benefit of the community residents. Much like natural ponds and lakes, though, their water level will fluctuate depending on the time of year and the amount of precipitation experienced.

Lawrence Kennedy Creek

Heron River is intersected by the Lawrence Kennedy Creek, which serves as a divider between the first three residential phases of development within Heron River, and the remaining phases of residential development. Several bridges will span the Lawrence Kennedy Creek connecting several phases of the Heron River community and the pathway system within the property. The water which flows through the Lawrence Kennedy Creek varies in volume and speed as it passes through Heron River depending upon the time of year and general weather conditions. The Lawrence Kennedy Creek is an irrigation and drainage waterway under the jurisdiction of Drainage District No. 2 and the Army Corps of Engineers. The waterway is a year round stream and a License Agreement with Drainage District No. 2 is in effect governing the usage and landscaping of the waterway. While residents of Heron River may walk along the pathway mentioned above and otherwise enjoy the natural plant and wildlife which live along the waterway, there is a general prohibition against using the Lawrence Kennedy Creek for disposal of any household liquid waste, green waste or other debris.